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Khyati Nema

Aspiring Business Intelligence Professional

About Me

Hey there, I'm Khyati!

My background hails from a finance and accounting world, where data is stored in different general ledgers to record all of the company's transactions, and where this transactional data is then organized into assets, liabilities, revenue, expenses, and owner's equity. I worked with multiple companies in the finance and data analytics domain to gain deeper practical knowledge and realized that data plays a crucial role in taking financial decisions of any org.

My dedication and passion for learning brought me to Oklahoma State University to pursue my master's in Management Information Systems where I learned various Business Intelligence tools and gained the right skill-sets to analyze and visualize data. So far I have gained knowledge in various languages and tools such as SQL, Python, R, bash, PowerShell, Tableau, and Power BI and worked on different databases such as MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, NoSQL databases such as Mongo DB and Redis. Additionally, I took Healthcare Administration and Statistics as my courses that gave me sound knowledge on statistics and the health care system.

One thing I realized so far is that Passion is a vital catalyst to a person's success. There's certainly more to learn for me, bigger problems to solve, and more strategies and analysis to be done.

Professional Experience

Data Analytics Graduate Assistant - Oklahoma State University (Aug 2021 – Present)

• Aiding Dr. Bryan Hammer in the evaluation of student works and preparation of “Data Science Programming” course material
• Delivered lectures and presentations on the course and covered several topics in SQL (Normalization, Schemas) and Python

Senior Data Analyst, Financial Analytics - Accenture (Jan 2017 - Feb 2019)

• Launched Budgeting reports using Tableau, T-SQL to capture $80M+ in annual revenues for end Clients
• Provided value-added financial management and advice to client engagement teams which leads to an increase in profit by 12%
• Developed pricing support for extended business opportunities and reviewed pricing calculations cracking the deal of $8 Million
• Led forecast reviews with the senior leadership team and advised them on monthly results and variances to plan
• Generated data insights and KPI reports for senior management as well as departments across 5 different global locations

Data Analyst - AIG Analytics (Apr 2015 - Dec 2016)

• Designed interactive tableau user stories and dashboards by analyzing and manipulating large volumes of claims data
• Automated journal entries and pay activities on SAP through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which saved weekly 80 hours
• Answered key business questions for leadership through 5 interactive dashboards and stories using Tableau
• Performed monthly inventory procedures on a weekly basis and prepared reconciliation of inventory accounts

Business Analyst - IRIS Financial Services (Dec 2013 - Jan 2015)

• Developed 10K, 10Q reports for SEC filings and coordinated work using Stories, Sub-tasks assigned on JIRA & Agile Methodology
• Analyzed the financial statements of US tier 1,2,3 public companies and converted the same to XBRL format by relating the financial statements to the Standard US GAAP taxonomy through applying in-depth accounting knowledge
• Assisted clients on a weekly basis with any queries in their annual report iXBRL creation and submission process

Academic Projects at Oklahoma State University

Airline Ops Metrics Dashboard Covid-19 Impact Analysis Fall 2020

Designed powerful stories & dashboards on Tableau to show impact of Covid on Flights Ops Metrics.

Restaurant Chain Analysis Spring 2021

Created an ETL model, data diagrams, Star Schema using SSIS, SQL Server for restaurant franchisee

Social news Aggregator Udacity

Created normalized data model in Postgres and data migration using DML statements

IMDB TV Series rating prediction Fall 2020

Performed Web Scraping and analyzed to check impact of multiple factors on ratings

Analysis on Deforestation around the world Spring 2021

Provided recommendations to Forest Query Team based on data analyzed by creating views and joining multiple tables and used multiple CTE's and SQL queries

Injury Severity Prediction Spring 2021

Investigated injury severity risk factors in automobile crashes through KNIME predictive analytics